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So, I am moving and getting my own craft room soon.  *cheers* I stumbled upon this crafty storage blog the other day and am now more confused as to how I am going to organize my craft room! To make matters worse, I just came back from my California/Vegas trip and am totally hating Hawaii for not having an IKEA! I’d do my whole craft room with IKEA furniture if it wasn’t so expensive to ship here!

Anyways, the day I came back from my trip, I was browsing craigslist and found someone here that was selling those IKEA expedit bookshelf cases.  I was so stoked because that was one of the main items that I wanted to get from IKEA! I was able to purchase the 4×4 as well as the 4×2.  My wonderful BFF put it together for me and now I am beginning to think I should get the other 4 the guy was selling, just because!  Nevermind that I have no idea (or the space) of where it’s going! It was meant to be…

Stay tuned for before and after pictures of my new craft room.

P.S. Let me know if you are getting a container to ship to Hawaii so I can get in on the action! LOL.


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I have been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator since January 2006 and love it because I get to create, share, and inspire through my work. I have a daughter and do crafting as a part-time job. Being a demonstrator is very rewarding because I get to meet lots of new people and begin everlasting friendships.

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