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Sneak Peak of Hello Kitty!

So, as I said before, I’ve been busy doing some projects for my Paper Creations business.  Here is a sneak peak of what I’ve been working on.  Check back later for pictures of the final project 🙂


About Sonya Oshiro

I have been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator since January 2006 and love it because I get to create, share, and inspire through my work. I have a daughter and do crafting as a part-time job. Being a demonstrator is very rewarding because I get to meet lots of new people and begin everlasting friendships.

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  1. How much are these???

    • Hi!

      Sorry my reply is so late — these were selling for $3 each. I also have some with just Hello Kitty’s face for $2.


  2. Oops…sorry! I realized I was looking at the wrong post. I actually don’t remember how much I sold these for…if you are interested, I can get you a quote but would need to know how many you’d be needing.


  3. How bout I edit the fact of flash coming anodrid. Id rather watch them try to boil lake michigan than wait this ridiculous time period for a feature that was displayed 5 months ago. Waaaaaaaack!

  4. Great motivations. I don’t think it’s shwoing off at all. If someone thinks their work (of any kind) is good, they should want other people to see it. What kind of ideas are you going to put on display? What made you interested in computers?Thanks for sharing.


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